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Custom mix value counter vendor Manufacturer | HUAEN
  • Custom mix value counter vendor Manufacturer | HUAEN

Custom mix value counter vendor Manufacturer | HUAEN

The touch screen of HUAEN is made of one or two sheets of glass or another material with some filler or spacers in between the layers.
Products Details

After years of solid and rapid development, HUAEN has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. mix value counter We promise that we provide every customer with high-quality products including mix value counter and comprehensive services. If you want to know more details, we are glad to tell you.The product helps eliminate human errors such as price input error, which will save plenty of money in the long term.

Anhui Chenguang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd through years of painstaking research, relying on mature R&D technology and precise market positioning, we have created H-8200 TFT screen money detector cash counting machine front loading mixed value counter, the professional multi currency value counter with best price. Continuous innovation ability is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. Over the years, H-8200 TFT screen money detector cash counting machine front loading mixed value counter  has been widely recognized by customers who have cooperated.

 Intelligent multi currency value counter TFT display money counting machine

Detection technology

1.Patented IR image technology,the accuracy of value up to 99.99%, with the super detection. Recognizing the denomination and detecting fake note according to the infrared image.(The machine with 120 pairs IR sensors)
2.Color-image technology, with 4 pairs color sensor, the color distinction of banknote is clearer.
3.With static wool wheel friction,to avoid the electromagnetic interference, which is our strength in currency magnetic analysis.
4.UV function to detect fluorescence fake note.


1.With all functions of bill counter: Auto or manual start , stop counting bills in batch and adding. Automatic detecting half-notes and double-notes and chain-notes.
2.With password on some setting keys to avoid improper operation.
3.When there is a error, the display shows all the note’s information, which is convenient for service.
4.When on value mode, the display shows the details of the denomination, and there is also total value on the customer’s display.
5.With printing function to record the transaction information.
6.Once the new currency been issued, the machine can be upgraded to the newest version. Just connect the machine with computer, collect the currency data in your own machine and send the data to factory by email. No need to send the currency to factory.
7.Upgrade the software with USB, convenient for upgrade.
8.With 2 sets CPU the system is more powerful.
9.Suitable for both paper and plastic note.
10.Easy calibration, only count 3 kind of white paper(80g A4 paper, 80g and 120g white coated paper )
11.Efficient development of new currency. Only need the data from customer,initiating software can be finished within 24 hours after receiving the data.

Product Introduction

A top-loading, multi-currency value counter with patented infrared detection. Features include IR/UV/MG/IMG detection, a TFT display, and a high-quality cash counting experience.

Product Introduction

This patented multi currency value counter revolutionizes cash handling by efficiently counting multiple currencies with unparalleled accuracy. Gone are the days of time-consuming manual sorting and cumbersome single-currency machines. With our top-loader, you'll effortlessly process varying denominations with ease. Say goodbye to errors and guesswork, as our cutting-edge technology ensures every note is authenticated, eliminating counterfeit risks. Whether you're a business owner, cashier, or financial institution, this is the ultimate cash counter that will boost your productivity, accuracy, and overall security. Maximize your efficiency and invest in the best cash counter today!


Q: Does the top loading multi currency value counter support multiple detection methods?
A: Yes, our top loading multi currency value counter utilizes advanced infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG), and infrared magenta (IMG) detection technologies for accurate and reliable money counting and counterfeit detection.

Company Advantages

Welcome to our company, where innovation meets efficiency in the world of currency management. We take pride in introducing our top-loading multi-currency value counter, equipped with state-of-the-art features, such as infrared patented money counter and IR/UV/MG/IMG detection.

At our company, we understand the significance of streamlining cash handling processes for businesses of all sizes. Hence, our multi-currency value counter goes above and beyond, providing the best cash counting experience available today.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate, high-speed counting, effortlessly handling various currencies from around the world. With the ability to detect counterfeit notes through our advanced IR/UV/MG/IMG detection system, you can be assured of complete security and peace of mind.

To enhance user convenience, our value counter is designed with a vibrant TFT display, offering crystal-clear visibility and an intuitive interface. This allows for easy navigation and quick access to various functions, minimizing any chances of error during cash counting operations.

In today's fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence. Hence, our top-loading feature enables seamless handling and counting, reducing the time required to process cash significantly. This time-saving efficiency translates into increased productivity and improved overall business operations.

We prioritize user satisfaction, and therefore, our multi-currency value counter is designed for durability and longevity. Constructed with high-quality materials, it offers a robust and reliable solution that stands the test of time.

Whether you are a retail store, financial institution, or any business that handles cash transactions, our top-loading multi-currency value counter caters to your diverse needs, making the cumbersome task of cash counting effortless and error-free.

Choose our company as your trusted partner, and experience the unmatched performance and convenience our multi-currency value counter brings to your cash management process. Elevate your financial operations with the best cash counter available on the market today.

1 Exclusive service-Professional sales&technical team will be in charge of your order.

2 Timely reply-We will reply your inquiry in 12hours,our working time is 24hours.

3 Inquiry service-Detail product data sheet,pricelist,photo,and certificate will be provided.

4 OEM&ODM Service-Special design for Mould&Product Function&Packing.

5 Order Process tracking-Photos of your order will be sent to you to keep track the progress of production,testing,packing and storage.

6 Shipping-Professional Logistics department is in charge of shipping arrangement.

7 Quality assurance-All the products will be tested by quality department bedore leaving factory.

8 After sale service-Professional customer servuce team will be able to help with your questions.

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