HUAEN - Professional Money Counter/Currency Counter Manufacturing and Exporting on Since 2008

  • <p>Money Handling Solution</p>

<p><span style="color:#6b8bc3;">Professional</span><span style="color:#195FDB;"> </span>Manufacturer</p>

    SINCE 2008

    Money Handling Solution

    Professional Manufacturer

    With the smooth production line and full cooperation of staff, HUAEN able to provide the machine with high quality, reasonable price and on-time delivery to customers.
  • <p>R&D Center</p>

    R&D Center

    We have our own research and development center.

  • <p>Production And Sales<br></p>

    Production And Sales

    We have produced and sold 10,000+ machine per year.

  • <p>Certificate<br></p>


    Our products are professional and have more than 30 patent certificates.

  • <p>Software OEM</p>

    Software OEM

    We provide OEM services, and we can provide OEM services for software.

  • <p>Software Update<br></p>

    Software Update

    Any update in software, we can finish it in 24 hours after getting the data.

Successful Cases

High Satisfaction: Over these years, we have completed lots of projects, small or large, simple or challenging, providing professional bill counter cash counting machine in cash handling.

Each project has received positive feedback from customers.

We now have 100+ cooperated customers. And the number is still soaring.

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